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About Aly's Knot Working

by: Aly Way Music

I got the idea to start braiding carabiners around 2015 and immediately began giving them away as presents while living on the road. They are perfect, little, homemade gifts that are both functional, stylish, and unique. Everybody just loved receiving them! Within a couple of cycles of birthdays and holidays, I had given a carabiner or two to just about everyone I knew (as well as many kind strangers I met along the way). Soon, I began getting asked to make them for my friends to give away as gifts, and was told time and time again that I should open up an online store. At first, I wasn't too keen on the idea. Mainly, because I just enjoyed casually making them as gifts and didn't want it to end up feeling like work. But after considering it some more and looking realistically at my unconventional, unpredictable ways of making money, I decided that the extra income really couldn't hurt. Being a traveling musician isn't the most profitable career path to pursue in this expensive world we live in.. Therefore, to make it easier for people to order my braided carabiners while also helping me to pay my bills, I decided to take their advice and open up shop.

So, without further ado... 

Welcome to "Aly's Knot Working"

Where Aly's never not working... and her products are always

Made to Order & Made with Love.


If you love what you see and hear, and would like to further support Aly's artistic endeavors and musical adventures, you can do so by clicking the button below. You can rest assured that every little bit will be greatly appreciated and will go towards keeping Aly self-employed. Helping her to pave her own career path by doing what she loves - spreading music, joy, and smiles. ;) 

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