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Welcome to Aly's Gallery!

Here you'll find a selection of photos and videos of Aly's musical adventures. Most of the photos were taken by Aly herself, except for the ones with her in it.


If you took any pictures or videos of Aly busking, please email them to or post them using the hashtag #AlyWayMusic.


Thank you!

"Dust If You Must" by Aly Marie

"I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz (Marimba Cover)

"Vagabond Heart" (Ukulele Original)

"Come per me Sereno" - Marimba & Opera Busking Duo

Bach's Cello Suite No. 1 in GM on Marimba

"Let it Go" Marimba Performance

"Not for Nothing" by Mutual Benefit (Marimba Cover)

Dennis and Aly - Man There Growing

Video Gallery

Photo Gallery

Backpacking in the Cascades
My first true love.  Irv.  May he R.I.P.
Just made my first All-Original Album!
Busking in Boise, ID
I took my #Marimba out in this #WinterWo
After performing with my hero, Evelyn Glennie, at WSU
Irv driving through the mountains in Northern Idaho
Enjoying Irv's front porch in the Sawtooth Mountains
Dancing in the rain somewhere in Colorado
Ohm handkerchief
Michelle Parker out for a melodic stroll
Excited about Life on the Road
Overlooking the Green River in Northern Utah
Farmer's Market in Santa Rosa, CA
Top of the Rocky Mountains
Camping in Montana
Busking in Portland, OR with the amazing opera singer, Jocelyn Claire Thomas in 2012
Future Percussionists
Chasing waterfalls
Conquering insanity at Burning Man 2013
Practicing yoga during winter solstice
Temperatures of six degrees Fahrenheit won't stop this girl from doing what she loves!
Backpacking in the Bitterroot Mountains
Practicing yoga in the red desert sands of Southern Utah
Irv camping in Boise National Forest
Burning Man 2018
Camping next to a frozen lake in the Northern Cascades
Driving through fire season up the West Coast
Melodic Reflections
Camping adventures are endless in the PNW
Busking in Santa Rosa, CA
Shorty after his first Burn in 2018
Desert Designs
Busking at the Moses Lake Farmer's Market in WA
Musical sisters
Sunset bike rides at Burning Man 2017
The road is my front yard.
My friendamily that I've known since preschool.
Teaching 5th grade marimba band
Somewhere over the rainbow, dreams really do come true
It runs in the family.  =)
Snowy recording session in Eastern WA
Showin' Irv some love.
Adventure Awaits; and I must go.
Solo hikes are my go-to escape
Rainy days and straightaways
Irv bein' all cute
Working on building out Shorty, my '89 Ford Econoline
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