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Two 3"/8cm D-Shaped Aluminum Locking Carabiners and one 2"/5cm D-Shaped Aluminum Carabiner, Braided with Hemp in the Colors of your Choice.


(Images of all available choices can be viewed on the Materials and Colors page)


For the "You and Me Make Three" combo:

1. Select one color for the first 3" carabiner

2. Select another color for the second 3" carabiner

Then the 2" carabiner will be braided as a combination of both of those colors.  Get it?  ;) 

This is the perfect baby shower gift for an expecting couple!


About the 3" carabiners underneath:

  • STURME Carabiner Clips are made of superior durable lightweight aircraft aluminum alloy, so they are elegantly lightweight and strong.
  • Latest improved design (2020) - Improved structure to make it stronger and lighter.
  • Multifunctional: D-Ring Carabiners are very suitable for outdoor hiking, fishing, camping, traveling etc. & the lock system will keep your stuff safe.
  • Dimensions - Length: 3.15"(80mm); Width: 1.65"(42mm); Diameter: 0.28"(7mm); Weight: 0.77ounce 
  • Maximum Static Load: 150 lbs.
  • WARNING: NOT Applicable for climbing, swing, hammock, punching bag, etc.


About the 2" carabiner underneath:

  • Lightweight but strong, aircraft aluminum material made, elegant, strong and practical
  • Durable and easy to use, improved spring clip can be opened and closed more than 5000+ times in their test
  • Use to attach and carry keys, water bottles, camping gear, hang lanterns, lights. Use for hiking, camping and even kayaking
  • Carabiner length: 2.5"/60mm
  • Maximum Static Load: 50 lbs.
  • NOT for climbing or heavy duty work

*Each braided carabiner is as unique as the person receiving it. Slight variations may occur between the images you see and the product you receive.

Email me at with any design questions or concerns.

(Images of all available choices can be viewed on the Materials and Colors page)

Made to Order, Made with Love.

You and Me Make Three - Package Deal

  • A perfect gift for that expecting couple! Two colors merge to become one smaller combination in this "You and Me Make Three" package deal.

    Whether you use them as a keychain or a way to clip items to your backpack with some added flair, you can be sure to wow your friends and family with these one-of-a-kind, colorful, hand-braided carabiners.

    *Not weight bearing

Click here to see images of all available style, material and color options.

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