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Welcome to my Online Store!

Cuz who said a musician had to be starving?

What's in store:

  • personalized, braided carabiners

  • 4-mallet musical arrangements for 4:3 marimba (Coming Soon!)


Aly's Knot Working

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Where Aly's never not working...

And her products are always

Made to Order


Made with Love

Featured products:

Email​ with any design questions or concerns.

Aly's Music Shop

Coming Soon!

Marimba Arrangements

• Scores for 4 mallets

• Original Albums

• Cover Albums


If you love what you see and hear, and would like to further support Aly's artistic endeavors and musical adventures, you can do so by clicking the button below. You can rest assured that every little bit will be greatly appreciated and will go towards keeping Aly self-employed. Helping her to pave her own career path by doing what she loves - spreading music, joy and smiles. ;)

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